If Fujitsu system has sent people to prison, will Post office face huge compensation claims?

Over the last few years Computer Weekly has written about the plight of sub-postmasters that allege that the accounting system that they use has been faulty and caused them to be falsely accused of cooking the books.

Some sub-postmasters have even gone to prison.

But there are a large number of claims that it is the Horizon accounting system, developed by Fujitsu, that is to blame for accounts being wrong. The Post Office has always claimed that the Horizon system is accurate 100% of the time.

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In recent weeks there has been a change in attitude from the Post Office. It is now prepared to look closely at the system and has given a sort of amnesty to anybody that might have information about the system. This has occurred following pressure from the sub-postmasters, lawyers, the press and an organization known as the Justice for Sub-postmasters Alliance (JFSA).

I was wondering what will happen if it is revealed that the system is faulty? People have had to spend time in prison and many that have not gone to prison have had their lives wrecked.

So if Horizon is at fault surely these people will be entitled to compensation. Will the Post Office pay or will it turn to Fujitsu for this as the developer of the system?

The JFSA said although it is unlikely to happen it wants people who worked on the Horizon project at Fujitsu all those years ago to come forward if they have any information.

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