IT deals only value for money if they reduce power consumption

I wrote an article yesterday about research from the Economist Intelligence Unit and T-Systems.

It looked at the views of senior executives at corporates regarding power consumption. It seems most are worried about fuel shortages and increasing prices.

As a result of business fears of fuel shortages and steep price rises CIOs will be expected top play a key role on two fronts.

Power management is now in the boardroom.

CIOs will have to reduce the power used by the IT department and use technology to reduce power use elswhere.

When will outcome based agreements be tied to targets related to cutting energy use?

The DWP deal with Fujitsu to manage desktops had the need to reduce power consumption as a major requirement of the agreement. Thin client computing is the technology being used to help meet these targets.

Lee Ayling, UK head at sourcing copnsultant Equaterra, says there are a lot of datacenter deals currently linking contracts to power reduction targets. He said  companies are linking deals to something known as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) which is a measure of how efficiently datacenters use power.

“The problem has been that CIOs have not been responsible for energy budgets because it was with facilities. But now it is going to departments.”

He says an outsourcving deal between Capgemini and the Environment Agency uses model.


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