How to set up an international company in the public cloud

I blogged last week about how corporates are beginning to look at using applications in the public cloud.

But it seems the large companies of tomorrow might be a lot quicker to harness the public cloud, because many of them will be born using it.

Yesterday I was with someone that is about to launch a company that provides consultancy to hedge funds. The interesting thing about this is the fact that the company has been created by three people based in different continents using applications that are available in the public cloud.

For example the company has used free cloud storage service Dropbox as well as various Google Apps. The three founders communicate via Skype.

I can’t mention his name or the company because they have not quite launched but he told me that collaboration was key. “We have been able to set up a company with three people in different continents.”

So the company is international form day one.

Here are some of the founder’s comments about setting up a company by using the public cloud.

“We are in three different countries linked up via Skype and able to show each other our screens.”

“Imagine trying to set up company processes and develop a web portal when you are on three different continents.”

“The tools that are out there make it easier to do stuff.”

“After working for years for large corporates I can’t believe how easy it is to set up a company using applications available in the public cloud.”

Let me know how your business has used public cloud based applications in the survey below.