HP's EDS integration complete but job cuts continue

Just when we thought the integration of EDS to HP and the savage job cuts associated with it were over, another 1300 cuts in the UK bring home the extent of HP’s plan to restructure.

Union Unite is unhappy to say the least. Peter Skyte, Unite national officer, said they haven’t even finalised the programme of 900 job cuts announced in June.

It can’t be good for staff morale.

Back in June HP announced that the integration of EDS was largely complete it could now focus on growth.

Unfortunately this growth involves a reduction in 9000 jobs globally.

At the time HP said it is consolidating Enterprise Services’ commercial datacentres, management platforms, networks, tools and applications. “As a result of productivity gains and automation, HP expects to eliminate roughly 9,000 positions over a multi-year period to reinvest for further growth and to increase shareholder value.”

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EDS has a fear culture. It bullies its employees with the fear of losing jobs, it provides no salary increases or bonuses despite insinuating that it pays for performance and its leadership, from account level up, has mistaken fear for respect. Lead from the front, by example, win the confidence of the employees and the customers, win their respect, demonstrate vision and commitment, this is leadership, not micromanaging contracts, budgets etc. and avoiding conflict in defence of staff. Staff morale is very low, and has been for years, there is no trust in management, transferred in employees would like to get TUPED back to where they came from, it is all a pretty ugly situation. Having EDS on your C.V. is not considered an asset either. The are considered the Rackman of the I T Services Industry.