Fujitsu loses £500m 10 year IT services deal with Thomson Reuters after less than four years.

It has not been a good couple of weeks for Fujitsu and the bad news could be set to continue with the DWP ending its desktop services contract before it started..

Now it turns out it has lost a £500m 10 year outsourcing deal signed with Reuters which it signed back in 2007 to provide IT services globally. Reuters is now of course part of Thomson Reuters. Like the DWP deal it looks like problems in the transition of services could be to blame.

See this article in the Telegraph about the Thomson Reuters deal when it was first signed.

Fujitsu said the contract was terminated a month ago. But I have seen no reports.

One source told me that it is common knowledge in the industry that Fujitsu is going to lose this deal. But he said as far as he was aware there has been no announcement.

Another said that after over three and a half years of the deal Fujitsu has not been able to transition all the services from the in-house team. “It is looking increasingly likely that the services are going back in-house.”

Fujitsu said: “We can confirm that Fujitsu and Thomson Reuters have mutually agreed to terminate the IT infrastructure contract agreed with Reuters prior to the Thomson acquisition. Over the coming months Fujitsu will be working to ensure the smooth transition of services to the Thomson Reuters in-house IT operation.”

Fujitsu recently lost a £300m plus desktop support deal with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) because it failed at the transition phase of the deal.