Does the BBC's IT agreement with Siemens need a kick up the backside?

Following the news that Siemens workers at the BBC have been balloted over industrial action I have been speaking to various people close to the story.

This includes staff at the BBC.

It appears that the five year old technology outsourcing relationship is under serious strain. A strike could hit the BBC’s coverage of the general election.

Although the BBC and Siemens said any industrial action will not disrupt the BBC’s business the relationship between the two companies appears strained.

One BBC worker told me that if you ask any member of staff about the Siemens service they will complain at length about it.

Apparently there are periods when the telephone system, at White City, doesn’t work. As a journalist I know you are stuffed without a phone so BBC journalists must suffer.

Another source told me that the relationship is at a low point.

A contact of mine within the sourcing industry tells me the relationship has had problems for years.