Documents reveal that O2 outsourcing will lead to thousands of redundancies

O2’s decision to outsource the management and digitization of its customer services to Capita will result in more job cuts than originally revealed.

According to an article on, which has seen an internal document, only 1,370 jobs will transfer to Capita rather than the 3,000 originally thought.

There is a great deal of uncertainty for staff. Earlier this month following Capita’s announcement that it had won a ten-year deal to manage and digitise O2’s customer services, the CWU reported that up to 600 O2 staff will be made redundant while over 3,000 will transfer to Capita.

An O2 spokesman told Computer Weekly earlier this month that O2 had no idea where the CWU have got the figure of 600 jobs being made redundant. So that was because it is actually more.

According to the Telegraph report customer service facilities in Bury, Greater Manchester, and Glasgow will be closed. Its 5,800 worldwide staff serving customers will be cut to fewer than 3,000 at the end of Capita’s contract in 10 years. There could be an increasing proportion offshore.  The telegraph article revealed that centres in India and South Africa will be expanded.