Do we really need another review of government IT procurement?

The Office of Fair Trading has launched a study looking at government IT procurement practices. These things are ten a penny and they all make the same conclusion and nothing is done about it.

There are a small number if large IT suppliers dominating the market, it is too difficult and expensive for suppliers to switch suppliers, and who would forget that it is too hard for small suppliers to get into the game.

These are the early findings of the OFT, surprise, surprise. It will now look in more depth.
But what will be different to the pages and pages of reports that have come before it about the same thing making the same conclusions?

Who knows, this could be a clever way for the government outsourcing the whip to the OFT?
We know the government has to tread carefully whenever it makes decisions that impact big business after all. So perhaps by getting a semi-independent body like the OFT to do the report might be a way of getting things changed without being blamed.

Let me know what you think? Are you tired of endless reams of paper being wasted on reports into government IT procurement?