Do IT professionals want to work for IT suppliers?

Most industry sectors seem to be reducing their IT departments in terms of workforce size to cut costs. At the same time the practice of outsourcing IT is on the up.

As a result of the recent recession and the increased delivery of outsourced services coming from offshore locations more and more IT professionals are unemployed.

There are thousands of experienced IT professionals currently out of work following the interlinked banking crisis, recession and now public sector cuts. Then there are figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) showing that Computer Science graduates are the largest group of unemployed graduates in the UK.

But what about suppliers? If more work is being outsourced there should be jobs available at suppliers. Or have the swingeing cuts made by companies like HP and IBM put IT professionals off a career on the supply side?

I wrote analysis about moving to the ‘dark side’ this week. There are rewarding careers for IT workers at suppliers.

But what do the IT professionals think?

Please fill in this survey to help us get a feel for the attitudes of IT professionals to working at suppliers.