Dell on the defensive after late payments criticism.

Following yesterday’s news that Dell had been placed in the Forum of Private Business’ Late Payments Hall of Shame Dell’s David Frink, in its corporate affairs department gives us a bit more information.

This is his statement:

“The 65-day payment term is being put in place on a global basis for Dell’s non-production procurement, which includes vendors such as telecommunications companies, insurance companies, financial services, services vendors.

The change is being made to fully standardise Dell’s payments; the company’s production procurement already is on a 65-day schedule.

The standard does not apply to certain exempted diverse suppliers, including many certified small vendors, whose terms can be shorter, generally ranging from 20-45 days.

The standard does not apply in countries where there are restrictions; some examples include France, Japan, Korea, India; or in some countries in which credit costs are extremely high (Brazil).”