Could see the return of the £1 pom if offshoring to India continues as Australia seeks UK skills?

I recently wrote an article about the high demand for UK IT professionals on Australia.
The Emigration Group said there is high-demand for IT professionals at all levels across Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

It said the roles in highest demand are software engineers, systems analysts, programmers, computer network engineers, ICT sales reps, web developers, database administrators and network analysts.

Some of these jobs are the prime candidates to be offshored from the UK to countries like India and as a result of UK corporate offshoring there are many with these skills that are looking for work. In fact according to reports there are tens of thousands of unemployed IT professionals, many of which are recent graduates.

According to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), IT graduates are the most likely to be unemployed six months after graduation.14% of computer science graduates are still unemployment after six months of graduation.

Here are HESA the 2010 figures for graduate unemployment:

Computer science 14%
Communications 13%
Education 5%
Veterinary Science 4%
Medicine & dentistry (approximately 0%)

I must admit Maths is not my strong point but even so I can see a solution to Australia’s IT skills shortfall.

But I wonder why Australia doesn’t offshore to countries like India?