Controversy and betrayal: Is Barnet Council's leader going the same way as Cornwall's?

Today is a big day for Barnet Council and for the outsourcing. Tonight sees a confidence vote, regarding the leader, at the council. The motion was set because councillors are unhappy with a £1bn outsourcing project at the council.

It is becoming a bit of a trend. Only last month Cornwall council leader, Conservative Alec Robertson, fell on his sword over an outsourcing proposal when he was voted out by 63 to 49 votes.

Now at Barnet Council, leader Conservative Richard Cornelius faces a confidence vote. There are 63 councillors in Barnet with 22 Labour and 3 Liberal democrats. Not a forgone conclusion unless there is a Tory rebellion.

But rebellion is in the air. In a twist similar to the Cornwall controversy a senior Conservative has spoken out against the outsourcing. Brian Coleman, chair of the council’s budget and overview committee has slated the plans. Read this article on the Guardian website.

When the controversy was unfolding in Cornwall the deputy leader, Jim Currie, stoked the fire by speaking out against the planned outsource and stepping down.

So will Barnet’s go? Or will his majority be enough? I shall report as soon as I get the results.