Can the John Lewis of IT services make hay in the UK?

I interviewed the UK head of Canadian IT services firm CGI yesterday. Tim Gregory, who was CIO of Lloyds of London in the 1990s, was talking to me about the progress being made integrating its acquisition, Logica, as well as business opportunities going forward.

Here is the article I wrote.  It talks about the complementary nature of the two businesses and how CGI will win hearts and minds following the integration of the back office operations.
I won’t just repeat what I wrote in the article but it is an interesting merger.

Logica had more staff than CGI when the acquisition took place, which immediately adds an interesting talking point. This combined with the fact that Logica had a strong internal culture would suggest integration might be challenging.

But I have to say I have not heard any stories about trouble in the integration process. When HP and EDS came together I seemed to get an email every day from an unhappy member of staff.

One of the interesting things he said about the company is that the biggest group of shareholders are the staff. So Logica staff will soon be able to join the company’s share scheme.

Referring to the share scheme  he described CGI as “the John Lewis of the IT services market.” He believes if the staff own the company it is in safe hands.

It seems like a genuine challenger to the big system integrators.

What do you think about CGI’s opportunity in the UK?