Can corporates COPE with BYOD in 2014?

Back in December I asked for IT predictions for 2014. I have had a few in and as promised will publish them.

On Friday I grouped a few into a single post here.

Today’s predictions come from Brother’s UK managing director  Phil Jones.

Big data and big insights

Big data is growing exponentially (+31% compound annual growth rate) but the key challenge for 2014 will be getting the big insights. Business intelligence is the number one priority for CIOs. As a result, extracting usable information from data will become key and demand for big data specialists is set to grow by 243% in the next five years.  Specialists offering hosting, analysis and insight under one roof will emerge, taking the headache of big data away from CIO’s and CMO’s.

The cloud gets bigger

The cloud is set to continue to dominate the landscape and horizon, leading to the continuing decline of on-premise IT solutions. CMOs will become more influential in the shortlisting of technology as IT goes off-premise, requiring a greater spread of contacts in organisations and further democratising of decision making. Demand for ‘location independent’ products and services will continue to grow as a result.

BYOD gives way to COPE

The concept of ‘bring your own device’ is well established in the large businesses and enterprises. Device independence will continue to gather pace, and hardware provision in enterprises is shifting to a COPE model (Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled) over BYOD due to security and data issues. Requirements for mobile device management (MDM) will continue to grow along with peripheral requirements and applications.

3D printing grabs headlines, not consumers

While 3D printing has been grabbing headlines for a while, the market is at early lifecycle stage. There’s a high degree of technical capability needed in current application software so the consumerisation of the technology in terms of mainstream penetration will evolve. In 2014, vertical markets and specialised bureaus will emerge and develop as the technology goes through the growth curve, which is currently sitting around 60% in CAGR units. The sector is estimated to be worth in excess of €2.5bn by 2017, indicating the importance of this as a future sector.

Roam is the new home

The traditional 9-5 work pattern no longer exists for the majority of people. Now it’s all about agile, flexible, mobile working. Print is changing as a result of this. ‘Roam’ is the new working capital for agile businesses evolving their cultures and working practices.


Technology solutions will be focused on how workflow can be improved and digitised as much as possible. Document production, distribution and management will rise up the strategic list of priorities, focused on end to end lifecycle of processes. Business Process Management (BPM) is high up the agenda of shared services communities and organisations of all sizes looking to do more with less on the drive for productivity.”

If you have any predictions please send them.