Can Huwawei cut it in mainstream IT services?

I was talking to a contact of mine some weeks back and he was telling me about moves by Chinese IT giant Huawei to get into more mainstream IT services rather than its telecoms home ground.

In fact he told me he knows of a few deals in the offing for the vendor.800px-Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China_svg.bmp

He said despite the US and UK governments, particularly the US, being suspicious of the company because it is Chinese he does not think it will stop corporates from looking at Huwawei for IT services.

The company’s acting CEO,  Guo Ping, admitted recently  it had not been an easy year for Huawei, which was surrounded by controversy after a report by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the US claimed using its equipment posed a threat to national security.

The company had revenues of over $35bn last year and has network services contracts with mobile service providers Three and O2.

China has ambitious outsourcing plans. Read this blog: China plans 30% annual outsourcing growth but will IT compete with India?

I recently ran a poll asking people whether they would outsource IT to a Chinese supplier. So far 49 people have answered the question. 25 said no, 20 said yes and 4 said they have never thought about it.

Please fill in the poll below.

Would you offshore your IT to China?

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