Campaigner against corporate immigration abuse says ICT rules open to abuse

I blogged earlier about the final details of changes being made to the much criticised Intra company Transfer (ICT) immigration scheme.

I have since written a more detailed article. See it here.

This is what a contacrt of mine, whio campigns against the abuses of teh ICT syste, thinks about it.

“None of the proposed changes will make much difference. Tax free allowances for expenses will still count towards the minimum salary so the £24,000 is meaningless. The year gap before returning only applies if someone returns under the same category of ICT visa and their are now 4 categories of tier 2 ICT plus tier 2 general visas that allow someone to switch at the end of a year or return immediately and completely bypass the 1 year restriction.”

In contrast the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) welcomed the changes.