Atos Healthcare staff under investigation for obscene criticism of sickness benefit claimants

Back in November I blogged about a group that had been created by disability rights campaigners that believesbenefits for sick and disabled people have been wrongly cut because of the system that DWP supplier Atos Healthcare uses when assessing them.

Atos is investigating one administrative worker and one nurse for making comments on Facebook. The workers are under investigation after they allegedly referred to the claimants as “parasitic wankers” and “down and outs” separately on Facebook.

Atos, through its Healthcare arm, uses Logic Integrated Medical Assessment’ (LiMA) software to support medical professionals when assessing claimants. It does assessments on behalf of the DWP.

Basically the computer says yes or know and there is a campaign against the use of the system. The group, known as the Black Triangle, wants Atos removed from the contract and Atos Healthcare staff have

 In a written statement Atos said: “Atos Healthcare is committed to providing a high quality, professional service to the DWP and expects the same of all its employees. Where it is found that these standards are not adhered to, this is taken very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action taken.”

If true it doesn’t half show the importance of outsourced staff to the reputation of an organisation. It is obviously an awful thing for Atos to deal with but it doesn’t reflect too well on its customer the DWP.

Read the article about it here on Computer Weekly. 

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Excellent blog.

Sent this to Atos - still waiting for a reply but definitely not holding my breath lol.

August 15th 2011

James Loughrey

UK General Counsel

Atos IT Services UK Limited (Legal Department)

4 Triton Square

Regents Place

London NW1 3HG

Dear James Loughrey

I understand that Atos is once again issuing ‘cease and desist’ threats to groups which have the courage to speak out against its treatment of disabled people.

I am the Admin for the Inspired by Atos Origin Facebook page. I will not hesitate to bring attention to the way in which Atos Healthcare Professionals callously mistreat disabled people undergoing work capability assessments. I will also continue to highlight the numerous failings of Atos Healthcare and all divisions of the Atos Corporation.

If Atos succeeds in shutting down my page I will not be deterred and shall simply set up another community page ad infinitum.

Should Atos instruct you to issue me with a cease and desist letter please advise your client that I will not be bullied into submission and will be happy to see them in court.

Yours Sincerely

Sasha Callaghan

Inspired by Atos Origin

we love you sasha - boogie on

The allegations against Atos staff are true. I have screenshots of his profile on my computer which I sent to Atos. There is no doubt that he worked for Atos too as his profile was fully open.