Are these still the most dangerous places to offshore IT?

I wrote a story a year ago about a report published by the Brown-Wilson Group which detailed  locations are the most risky places to offshore your IT.

The 2009: The Year of Outsourcing Dangerously took into account various considerations.

I was wondering if anything had changed or if anybody had any experience both good and bad at these destinations.

Take a look at last year’s 10 most dangerous place to offshore work.


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The various negative qualities of these places really makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that these places have the highest Product Development Outsource in the world. People seem to ignore the dangerous aspect of these places and opt to risk it for profit. Prototype Outsourcing and Customer Support Outsourcing is the primary Outsource in India, and lot of businesses have hired from there. There are also decent Rapid Prototype Manufacturer in Manila and in Malaysia. With all these said, I don't feel that Business entities even remotely care where their outsource is coming from. As long as they see positive results.