Are the police setting up an IT company to get around European procurement law?

I recently wrote an article about a Home Office committee report into police IT and the plan to establish a police-led IT company to take control of the IT procurement within police forces.

I was going to blog about the committee’s views on the setting up of the police-led company but then got tied up with other things. But I want peoples’ views on something the report, which you can see in full here, said.

The committee questioned the rationale for its creation, pointing out that “a key reason for it being considered that a company is the best kind of body to perform this role is that it will not be subject to EU procurement rules.”

I was trying to think how this would be the case.

Mark Lewis, head of outsourcing at law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner, does not think such a police-led company would be exempt of European procurement rules.

What are your views? Why did the committee make note of this in its report?

The police-led IT company, if approved, would replace the National Police Improvement Agency.

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