Are UK IT students better off being trained in India?

Indian IT giant Wipro could give UK IT students training to close a perceived shortcoming in IT and engineering training in the UK.

According to The Telegraph Wipro chairman Azim Premji has offered to take UK students to India for 12 months to be trained up in software, IT and engineering.

Premji was speaking to The Telegraph at the World Economic forum in Davos. Fellow Indian IT services firm HCL also used the event to announce a plan to offer training to UK students.

In the Wipro programme students would receive three months classroom based training and nine months work based training.

The idea emerged when Premji met Prime Minister David Cameron when he travelled to India in 2010. Premji told The Telegraph that he and Cameron had talked about education and in particular the shortcomings of IT and engineering education.

Premji says the programme should help Wipro hire staff in Britain rather than have to ship workers over from Indian.

Wipro set up a similar programme  in the past in India with a view to helping students get ready for work.

Premji said he realised that the second and third-tier Indian universities were delivering engineering students who were not equipped for the job.  “Their curriculum wasn’t good enough and teachers weren’t up to speed. So we designed a new curriculum for them and retrained the teachers. We gave them new text books to have and even to circulate to other colleges.”

See the full interview here.

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