Anti-outsourcing councillors in Barnet will fight to the end despite losing vote

The leader of Barnet council has survived a confidence vote over a controversial outsourcing programme but opponents will continue to fight their corner until the deal is signed.

Last night the council’s leader, Conservative Richard Cornelius, survived with 32 councillors backing him and 24 against him. Three councillors didn’t vote and four were absent.

The motion, which included a confidence vote on the council’s leadership, was brought by councillors unhappy with a £1bn outsourcing programme known as One Barnet, which sees council services outsourced.

Labour leader, councillor Alison Moore told me the motion, which includes the confidence vote, was an attempt to get the council to meet and discuss the project before the contracts are awarded. She told me today: “We will keep on scrutinising the detail and challenging the proposals in these last few weeks before contracts are let. We owe it to the people of Barnet to do our very best in that.”

The confidence vote followed a similar event at Cornwall council, which was also over a controversial outsourcing plan. But Cornwall councils leader was not so lucky. Alec Robertson lost the vote 63 to 49.

I recently ran a survey about outsourcing council services. The massive majority of people that responded to it do not think council services should be outsourced to a private company. In fact almost 90% of the 90 responses.

Here is a poll if you want to give your views Should local government outsource services to private companies?

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