Accenture eats what it sells and CIO benefits from free advice

It would seem strange if your IT service provider didn’t provide its own internal IT services.

Mind you it would be less surprising if it had a different version of IT service for itself.

According to Frank Modruson, Accenture‘s CIO who I interviewed last week , the outsourcing giant outsources all of its IT to itself. Well apart from certain niches where it uses third parties.

So its departments use the various Accenture delivery units for all its services.

Modruson is internal IT head so, like Accenture’s CIO customers, he has responsibility for IT strategy and just outsources the work.

He told me that despite his role not being customer facing he regularly meets customers to discuss issues with them issues they face and he shares with them how Accenture deals with it internally.  Mind you it is not all one way traffic. He says he gets good ideas from customers which he uses.

He said that supplying IT to Accenture’s staff means that there are about 270,000 consultants that can do parts of your job watching your every move. But Moduson says this is great. Not only does he supply IT to people that are passionate about IT, but he also gets a lot of free advice.

CIO interview: Frank Modruson. Accenture.

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