Accenture and Deloitte killer on the prowl in the cloud

A company called Appirio believes times are changing and even sells itself as an Accenture and Deloitte killer.

“Our stated aim as a company is to do to Accenture and Deloitte, what Salesforce did to Siebel,” is the company’s bold aim.

It is a cloud only consultancy with expertise in things like and cloud based service management software from ServiceNow.

Salesforce’s CRM as a service is cited as being a major cause for the decline of the once dominant Siebel in the CRM market.

Siebel, which is now owned by Oracle, still has massive business but its dominance was reduced. With the cloud reaching into other parts of businesses today companies that consult on traditional IT could have similar problems. Well that’s what Appirio says.

Here is Facebook’s CIO Tim Campos talking about Appirio.
Could this be the new shape of IT consulting?

Appirio lists five advantages it has.

-100% cloud focus (no distraction from maintaining existing on-premise practices)

-Running a 500-person global business with the same products recommended to customers

-Agile delivery model (agile processes, use of prototypes, and pre-existing cloud assets)

-CloudSpokes – a 50K person crowdsourcing developer community where customers only pay for what they use

-Cloud Enablement Suite – an integrated platform of tools, assets, analytics and community used by every consultant to industrialise the delivery process

Perhaps Accenture and Deloitte will have something to say about this.