78% blame outsourcing for UK IT skills shortage

I ran a Google survey over the last couple of weeks to ask for peoples’ views on the perceived UK IT skills shortage and the contribution to this from outsourcing.

Outsourcing and particularly offshoring is often the beneficiary of the UK skills shortage. But could it be the cause? With thousands of entry level jobs being outsourced and offshored UK IT professionals are struggling to get their feet in the door to begin building the skills that employers want.

The survey has had 106 respondents.

This is how they answered.

Do you think IT outsourcing has contributed to a shortage of UK IT professionals?

Yes – 78%

No – 16%

Don’t know – 6%

Many respondents blamed the use of Intra Company Transfers (ICTs), where cheap labour is brought to the UK through a mechanism that allows multinationals with a UK base, including big Indian IT suppliers, to bring offshore staff onshore at a fraction of the cost of UK workers.

For example one respondent said the government should “stop importing inexperienced graduate trainees from India under the ICT scam and start giving UK graduates and experienced staff a chance instead.”

When it comes to people’s views on the role that apprenticeship schemes can play the results were more mixed.

Do you think apprentice schemes are the answer to the skills gap?

Yes – 47%

No – 36%

Don’t know – 17%

“More business focused IT courses and placements in industry are needed,” said a respondent.

If you want to contribute the survey is still open below. 


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