Zeebo launched, but will cool kids buy it? No, they won't.

This morning, I opened my reader to find an article in the FT on a new console called Zeebo that is being released today and will cost $200.

The console is aimed at emerging markets such as such as Brazil, Russia, China and India and is powered by mobile phone parts.

Ok, now the niceties are out of the way I can give you my opinion!

I like the fact that they are trying to get kids to play more games, especially as they may not be able to afford a PS3 BUT I just don’t think this will cut it.

It’s a good idea to try and use mobile technology and 3G broadband to download games but a DS costs around the same price and you will be able to download games on the DSi. Also sadly, downloading pirate games is unbelievably easy and the equipment is cheap.

Also, I think kids would rather say “I’m playing on my DS” than “I’m playing on my Zeebo”. That just sounds dirty.

One positive note is that after it dies a quick death (lets be honest, it’s up againt Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) is that it’ll be a cool thing to buy from eBay. The same way I bought a Gizmondo before mobile GPS, PSP and of course the DS. I was young and foolish.

Zeebo plans to launch in Brazil in May, in Mexico in the third quarter, India and Russia in 2010 and China in 2011.