Want! Video of the new Gmail Gboard.

Like all good Google drones, I switched to Gmail a zillion years ago.  Before it was even invented.  Casual users may not realise that the online mail service is much easier to use when you know the built in keyboard shortcuts. There are lots of them.  But with my brain already full of more important things (like, how many hours must it have taken for this guy to “finish” World of Warcraft?) I can never remember them.  So, all hail the “Gboard“. It’s a colourful USB add on that gives you instant access to 19 Gmail shortcuts, from creating new mails to labeling and archiving.

And, it’s cheap. At $19.99, it’s so cheap that having it shipped to the UK (at $30) is more expensive than the device itself.  Let’s hope it gets a distributor in Blighty soon.