Virgin Speeds up Mobile Broadband

Virgin Media has given its mobile broadband product a couple of espressos. From today, you can get up to 7.2 megabits per second with a Virgin dongle, which isn’t anywhere near as rude as it sounds.

The technology behind mobile broadband, HSDPA, is theoretically capable of speeds up to 14Mbps – so it’s frustrating that two years after products first hit the market, most companies are still only offering 3.6Mbps.  Vodafone is the only other UK outfit offering a 7.2Mbps package.

In a best case scenario, the new Virgin and existing Vodafone USB modems beat average fixed line speeds.  Although ADSL2+ – with up to 24Mbps speeds – is now offered by most companies, the majority of us are lucky to see speeds above 3.6Mbps; the average broadband speed in the UK according to telecoms watchdog OFCOM.

Virgin Media Mobile Broadband 7.2Mb USB modem.jpg

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