Video: The future of business cards, I'm not taking the Poken

Ever thought ‘there must be a better way of exchanging contact information than business cards’? Well now there is! It’s called Poken and it might be the next big thing amongst kids but I see other uses for it. Watch the video below for a demonstration and explanation.

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This is a cool video, thanks! Just to clarify, you actually don't need to press any buttons on the poken to connect. When you meet someone else with a poken, just hold them up so that they face each other (any other way would be rude!) and touch them palm-to-palm--a high four! The palms will then glow green to show that the connection has been made. If they glow red, it didn't quite work so try again.
Hi Bryan, Thanks for your comment. Yes, you have a point. I didn't realise they just neded to 'high four' eachother. That makes it a lot easier! Thanks again
Got my very own Poken yesterday and I love it! Everyone should have a poken in their life.
It would be good if everyone had one. It would make life a lot easier in fact.
Jesus, what a waste of money! Another device I have to remember to take everywhere I go! I store my self in my mobile phone address book. It holds my name, address, email address and any other data I decide to add. When I meet some one I want to exchange with I just bluetooth my address book entry over to them. It is sent in a standard format which (pretty much) all phones understand. There's no faffing with a computer. ...and don't scratch your nose when you are presenting it looks unprofessional.