Video: The Nearest Subway app, useful but not for idiots

A new app has been released called ‘Nearest Subway’ which allows you to walk like an idiot. Let me explain, you get to look at your iPhone while walking through the street to allow it to lead you to a subway (or the tube for those of you in Blighty).

This video shows a woman walking through the streets using this app but in actual fact she’s showing off the fact that she can manage this without walking into people or lamp posts, which I believe is quite a skill.

My favourite part of the video is when she says “I saw your video on Youtube about your nearest application Nearest Subway, what exactly is the Nearest Subway application?”

Now, there is so much wrong with this question. First of all, nowadays you don’t need to say ‘I saw your video on Youtube’ because where you saw it doesn’t matter and I love that they show you the video playing in a video that is on Youtube.

And most important of all, surely the name ‘Nearest Subway’ kind of defines what the app does? I mean it’s a bit of a hint isn’t it? Also, she’d just spent the first minute of the video demonstrating and explaining what it does so.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the app is cool but it’s something you’d probably use to find out where the tube is and put it away as oppose to ‘following your iPhone’.