Video: Sony Reader Touch Edition reviewed - Close but no cigar

Sony’s Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 almost has everything… almost!

So what does it have?

Well, let’s start with the fact that it looks great and has a slick six inch touch screen, memory expansion (SD or MS Pro), decent battery life, nice search functionality and a built-in dictionary.

All good so far and shapes up well against the Kindle.

So what doesn’t it have?

It doesn’t have 3G or wifi. Quite annoying as you have to rely heavily on your PC as all files must be dragged and dropped from a PC and the only way to charge it is by USB through the PC (the battery is not removable too).

Otherwise there are some nice features and it ticks most boxes. Little things like having five font sizes, displays Word and PDF files (with zoom), shows most image files, and plays MP3 and AAC audio.

Sony’s eBook Library software is compatible with both Windows and Macs with best sellers costing around $9.99 (like Amazon). ePub file compatibility gives you access to thousands of free classic Google Books as well as being able to display Word and PDF files. On the whole, it’s got a hefty library of books behind it to get you page turning.


I would be happy with this given it has most features and is quite easy to use, but the fact that it came close with no cigar suggests that there’s other readers that would have the full package for the same price.


  • Display: 6 inches
  • Gray scale: 8-levels gray scale
  • Expanded Memory: Support for Sony Memory Stick Pro DUO and SDHC
  • Font Size: 5 adjustable font sizes
  • Battery: Sealed internal, up to two weeks of reading on a single charge
  • Files supported: Adobe PDF (with reflow capability), Microsoft Word, BBeB, EPUB