Video: I'm an iPhone and I'm an N97 - smartphone smackdown!

iPhone vs N97

Smartphones have taken us by storm and none more so than the iPhone. You can’t walk through the street without someone bumping into you because their eyes are glued to their 3 and a half inches of technological wonder.

The main pluses are that the Apple iPhone is cool, good user interface, great apps and iTunes while the Nokia N97 has a full qwerty keyboard, 32GB hard disk (expandable to 48GB), great battery life (you can remove the battery) and a 5 megapixel camera.

I think my video (below) demonstrates what I think of the two phones and what the general feel is in the market and among iPhone and N97 users.

You can embed the video on your site by hitting the get code link.

So, is the iPhone the best phone out there? Well, it’s biggest threat seems to be coming from Nokia with their flagship N97 which may pack a mean punch but it’s the apps store that makes the iPhone so addictive.

Below is a Nokia N97 vs. Apple iPhone 3g comparison chart that, on paper, makes the N97 a sure fire winner with up to 48gb hard disk, a full qwerty keyboard and better battery life. But it’s the ease of use where the iPhone excels and this is further backed up by it’s huge apps library.

Don’t get me wrong I think the N97 is a great phone, I have one, the hardware is superior and it’s cheaper.

The chart doesn’t inlcude all the features that the two operating systems offer, but most of the bases are covered.  You can change the phones by clicking clicking the cross next to the phone and picking your phone from the drop down box.

Check it out:

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