Video: Free films on Youtube!

Yesterday I was a bit down, so I was flicking through crap Youtube videos to cheer me up when I stumbled upon their movie section (loads of crap videos to cheer me up there).

As I understand it, this has been going for a while and is nothing new but I thought for those of you (like me) that didn’t know about it, then have a look: Youtube Movies (

Sadly, if you’re outside the States then a lot of the films are ‘not available in your country due to copyright restrictions’.

Great, thanks for teasing us with such greats as ‘Hercules In New York’ starring Mayor Arnie before he turned American (don’t email me saying it’s a classic, please).

But you can enjoy such classics as: Invasion of the Bee Girls, She Gods of Shark Reef and Bail Out (starring The Hoff – I wish I had hair like that).

Some of the films are actually worth watching, it’s just hard figuring out which ones. Stll, here’s a good one:

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I usually watch old movies for free. I didn't know either that you can watch new ones on youtube =D nice tip!