Trends for CES 2013

Trends were set for the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 yesterday, mainly centred around a lot of shiny, flat, black devices also known as tablets.
At a press conference in London, “tantalising teasers” of the upcoming Las Vegas show were revealed and we were told that what consumers around the world want for Christmas this year are smartphones and tablets. 
Not surprising really, as tablet prices drop they are becoming more widely available, along with the launch of three new operating systems in recent weeks ( iOS6, Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8), this Christmas will surely be all about the slate devices. 
According to the CES execs, we can also expect to see a rise in mobile devices being more functional in everyday life thanks to additional hardware and applications. For instance, using mobile devices to gain access to a hotel room through NFC or more simply using it as a remote control for your television set. 
This also leads onto using mobile and tablet devices in health and fitness, also known as mHealth. From monitoring blood pressure and relaying information straight to your doctor, to knowing when to take your medication – we’re starting to hear a lot about this area of technology as more and more people get their hands on smart devices which are capable of this technology.
CES will be held in Las Vegas from January 8-11, where the next generation of gadgets will emerge.
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