Spotify: Now Ad-Free for less than a Fiver

It’s like the music streaming service Spotify has been reading my mind… For a long time Spotify watching pundits have been saying that the Premium price for the product was too much. The company’s response? They kept adding features – higher bit rates and offline access. Mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Symbian. All very cool, yes, but still a tenner a month.

Today, Spotify rejigged their pricing structure though – introducing two new products. The exciting one is Spotify Unlimited which is an, erm, limited version of Spotify Premium.  For £4.99 a month you get the same streaming music at the same bit rate and from the same huge catalogue as Spotify Free – but without any adverts. There’s no offline access and no mobile usage with this plan though.
The other new product is Spotify Open – a remix of their ad-supported service, now pared down to 20 hours worth of listening a month. With Open, anyone can sign up for a free Spotify service without the need to be invited.
The good news is that if you already have Spotify Free – the original ad-supported service with unlimited hours – you get to keep it. For now. And, if you invite someone to use the service from your account, they get the old Spotify Free too…
Confusing? I thought it might be – so here’s a handy table:

Spotify Plan Cost per Month Offline  Hours Mobile Bit Rate Social Adverts Notes
Open Free No 20 No 160 kbps Yes Yes
Free Free No Unlimited No 160 kbps Yes Yes Invitation from existing user only
Unlimited £4.99 No Unlimited No 160 kbps Yes No
Premium £9.99 Yes Unlimited Yes 320 kbps Yes No