SnapWatch: get kids to tell the time… and make it snappy

Kids love electronic devices, but not every family is going to be comfortable with starting their offspring off on a smartphone and smartwatch during their pre-teen years, or indeed while they are still under 10-years old.

UK-based SnapWatch thinks it has an answer… and it might just allow our youth to start time-keeping and making sure that they dial in for their family Zoom calls and online learning lessons on time.

Each SnapWatch is made of a silicone tube with a bi-stable metal band running through the middle. If you’ve used the modern era equivalent of bicycle trouser leg clips, then you’ll know the kind of thing we’re talking about.

The watch itself is flexible PCB LED display that floats on top and connects to the control unit at the end of the band. The company says that the reason it chose silicone is to ensure SnapWatch is durable and environmentally friendly.

Kids (and this is probably targetted at the ages 4-9, although those slightly older might also get a kick out of this device) can select 12 or 24-hour time and the two-button control also shows date, month and seconds.

Rather than over-complicate the unit, the USP here is no software, no app required and one-size-fits all.

A 2-year battery

The replaceable battery lasts up to 2-years and the whole device is shockproof, splashproof (no, not quite waterproof) and it’s even recyclable.

Product dimensions are 185mm x 25mm x 8mm.

“The overall design of SnapWatch is expected to remain consistent in the short and medium term… and therefore we can re-use the tooling which has been created for the initial production which includes robust intellectual property portfolio, registered design and trademarks,” stated Vincent Douglas, CEO of SnapWatch Ltd.

Douglas and team have produced six ‘cool’ (unicorns, astronauts, dragons, sharkies etc.) designs, which are now available in the UK and in Europe. The company has plans to expand into Asia and the US markets.

Bend & roll with it

“The SnapWatch timepiece has integrated components that allows the whole band to bend and roll – and the bi-stable arrangement enables the SnapWatch display to be viewed in straight mode or wrapped around the wrist,” said Douglas. 

The watches are costed (at the time of writing) at £14.99 including free shipping in the UK.

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