Police state UK

So the government wants to have the right to access my friends list. Where will it all end?

In the 30s and 40s, the Nazi’s reportedly used an IBM system to catalogue the religious persuasions and political beliefs of the populace. The result was persecution targeting Jews and socialists and their sympathisers on a scale and with a granularity never before seen.

Of course that would never happen in the good old UK. We are a liberal society. Every ethnic group loves every other ethnic group. The BNP has no power and relatively few followers. Immigrants are welcomed with open arms. Army coups could never happen. No dictators in my government. None of my friends are terrorists or paedophiles. I don’t have a strange foreign name.

I have nothing to hide so why should I worry? If a policeman approached me in the street and asked me to name all my friends and acquaintances, I’d say, “Certainly,officer, here’s my address book.”

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