PlayStation Network is exploited again, because it's not safe... again

PSNSo, just when you thought the world was safe, collecting free games from PSN and started reconnecting with your old buds by fragging them.

Yes, PSN is down again. This time it’s not necessarily a hack but just a really obvious / stupid oversight by Sony that has made the company pull the network down quicker than you can say Jenga!!

So what’s the problem?

Well before, when PSN was all love and happiness, if you needed to reset your password all you needed to do was type in your e-mail address and date of birth and come up with a new password.

What Sony didn’t realise is that if you were a member before the hack then the hackers would’ve potentially got your email address and your date of birth, as well as anything else they could get their little hands on.

So basically those hackers, with all that data, could quite easily get into any account as they would know the email address and date of birth.

Sony realised this, D’Oh!!, and have taken the password reset pages down.

I just want to go back to when I used to kill real people in the safety of an online environment. If I don’t get my fix soon I’ll just have to…

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