It's about to get heavy. Google Music = Spotify + iTunes

It was inevitable. Not only have we seen millions of rumours over the past year but it was truly inevitable that Google would launch a music service.

You can listen to your music and access your library through your Android device (tablet, phone or whatever) as well as through your browser, which is super duper.

The surprising thing is how good it is! All the music is stored in the cloud (like Spotify) but you can still listen to music offline (like iTunes).

The offline bit is the real ‘wow’ factor. You can not only access the last songs you listened to offline, but you can also specify which songs / albums that you want to ‘pin down’ and listen to offline.

You can also create customise playlists, create them by getting related songs from one song  as well as synching them wirelessly and automatically.

Another neat trick is that you can upload and store songs to your directory (up in the cloud) and access them wherever.

Still need convincing? You can also edit track information and get info like how many plays each song has had. Wowsers.

At the moment Google Music is invite only but users will be added soon as it will launch for “free for a limited time.”