HeimVision Assure B1 2K Ultra HD security camera 

Like everybody else, the Inspect-a-Gadget elves have been in lockdown.

But, normally, the elves like to get out on the road, attend a few technology conferences and stay in a few cheap motels rooms connecting one trip to another.

During the Covid-19 contagion, the fact that our home dwelling has had electronic video doorbells has been a huge positive i.e. we can see who has come a-calling and only answer the door when needed.

We’ve also tested home surveillance cameras… and these have also proved useful (even while just at home) as we can point one out to the street to see how many people are around.

So, follow all that train of thought if you can… we thought it would be super-useful to have a mobile travel security camera that we could even leave in hotel rooms to track for who has or hasn’t been inside the room – a useful piece of knowledge in the tail of a pandemic surely.

Enter the HeimVision Assure B1 2K Ultra HD security camera with its 100% wireless all-year battery, offering just the kind of portability we’re talking about. 

DIY home (room) security market

This product very much fits into what the tech industry is calling the DIY home security market… which would like to extend as a definition and call it the DIY home (room) security market.

The HeimVision Assure B1 has 2K Ultra HD with Nightvision, so that’s useful if we did chose to leave it in a hotel room and someone comes in without turning the lights on.

Despite our quirky idea for a use case, the product is meant for home use and the users can connect up to four wireless cameras to the devices single hub, in order to monitor large spaces. 

As noted, there is 2K Ultra HD resolution and a 130-degree field of view. It is also designed with a smart PIR sensor, so it can identify any presence and the human-figure detection reduces false alerts and saves standby time… and (for those that didn’t already know) PIR stands for Passive Infrared Sensor.

According to the team behind this product, the camera unit itself that will capture stunningly high-quality video in any scenario indoors or out, while also being suitable for pairing with a solar panel for always-on connectivity with no need to perform manual charging (even though the battery itself is said to last 12-months).

Weatherproof IP65 rating

The HeimVision Assure B1 2K Ultra HD security camera has a weatherproof IP65 rating.

This device can tell the difference between a burglar and a squirrel thanks to its human face detection. At night, the camera provides colorful night vision and can automatically light up when it detects motion. 

Users can control the camera’s smart home security hub via Alexa and the setup is pretty simple. 

Finally, the security camera is weather-resistant, so you can use it outdoors without a worry. For our use case on the road, the would mean we could use the HeimVision Assure B1 in a camping tent, or even in a cave if we wanted to. Now that’s ‘connected home’ taken down to the core eh?

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