Happiness is a warm muff

earphone muff.jpgYou know how it is, you’re on the job and your ears are getting cold. With these little wonders you not only have warm ears but you can also drown out any whining sounds with music from your MP3. Are they Brazilian? Definitely not, they’re by Landport in Japan and, unfortunately, only available from Japan. Maybe by next winter they’ll have enough muffs for the rest of the world.

Heavy duty muff.jpgAlternatively, noise levels may be deafening so a thicker muff may required. According to the marketing spiel, these come in three variations: muffs with no external input, muffs with mono external input and muffs with stereo external input (especially useful for iPod users). The company also sells a muff bag to protect your muff from dust and inclement weather.

Muff said.

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