HTC Smart - O2 Exclusive (Video)

While T-Mobile gets the very wantable HTC Desire, O2 have their own HTC exclusive; the HTC Smart. Curiously though, the Smart’s not an Android or even WinMo phone. Instead, HTC have gone for chip maker Qualcomm’s own Brew Mobile Platform, an operating system that HTC says provides “a powerful and popular mobile operating system that enables HTC  to deliver the sense experience on more affordable smartphones.”

Translation from marketing speak to English: “This is what we put on phones that aren’t capable of supporting Android”.
Budget doesn’t necessarily mean bad though… think of this as the netbook version of a Smartphone. Still capable. Still able to run useful apps. Still 42 times better than that Samsung PAYG jobby you bought from Tesco in 2005.
And it lives up to its name, in many ways. Slim, as stylish as we’ve come to expect for HTC and, well, smart…
Here’s some video: