HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 flagship (should've called it the sherbet, Google would've)

HTC Schubert.jpgSometimes I think these phone companies purposefully try to get news of their phones leaked. But then I remember that they’re responsible corporations that wouldn’t do anything underhanded.

So, surprise surprise, there has been a leak and intriguingly enough it’s a HTC sporting Windows Phone 7.

It has been giving the incredibly catchy name of the HTC Schubert and sports a sexy aluminium unibody and will be released as a flagship Windows Phone 7 device.

There aren’t any specs yet but this is looking like the real deal.

Check out the video below

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About to this new windows 7 software phone. I think, it's not enough great yet No multitasking. No copy and paste. You’ll be telling me this thing can't be used to phone.What I meant to say what type of evolued phone is this phone ? Does it’s antenna even work?