Go Go Gadget to go

Inspector Gadget logo.jpg
Our namesake Inspector Gadget is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Namco has developed the game in conjunction with Cookie Jar Entertainment, the producer of the cartoon series which started 25 years ago.

Players can adopt the roles of the mechanically-enhanced detective, his niece Penny or Gadget’s dog Brain. By switching from one character to another the evil Dr Claw can be pursued across six levels and eventually foiled in his evil plot to rule the world.

Inspector Gadget.jpg
The game features both Story mode and Quick Play mode. If Dr Claw’s MAD agents and devilish creatures defeat you every time on a particular level, you can use Quick Play to access any level to practice until you get it right and then return to Story play to battle through the six levels sequentially.

You navigate through the game using on-screen touch controls and away you go go. Gadget’s favourite ‘copter, umbrella and trenchcoat tools are also available to overcome the challenges.

The 7.9MB game is available via the iTunes App Store for £2.99.