Colour Kindle now Possible

E Ink, the company that makes displays for Amazon’s Kindle, has started manufacturing a 4096 colour screen. It has all the readability advantages of its existing electronic ink displays.
The  Triton  colour ePaper display is still based around the outfit’s 16 shade monochrome screen, but has a clever RGB filter fitted over the top.
At the time of writing, only one e-reader with E Ink’s colour screen has been confirmed – a Chinese device with 800 x 600 pixel resolution.
Amazon’s Kindle has been an amazing success for the online retailer, with the latest model its fastest selling ever and the most gifted gadget on the site.
The iPad has proved that magazines can make the transition from print to digital, while still charging for content. If device costs can be kept low (the current entry level Kindle costs just £109), a colour Kindle would be a very attractive proposition for this new market. 

See the Triton technology in action below: