Christmas gadget gift: PNY Technologies Portable PowerPack REVIEW

Many people in our modern technology-driven society have experienced the strange sensation of your smartphone running out of battery when in a public place. Suddenly you have no way of communicating, and using a phone box in this day and age doesn’t even bear thinking about. 
The Portable PowerPack mobile charger from PNY Technologies ended up saving me on a number of occasions when I drained my phone battery using data or didn’t charge my phone the night before. The power pack comes with a Micro USB cable to use for re-charging the unit, and single or dual port USB outputs for charging any smartphone or tablet with a USB cable. 
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The units vary depending on the output chosen, the smallest 1 Amp model, starting at £29.99, holds enough battery power to provide one full charge to a smartphone. There are also two larger models, for £39.99 and £49.99, which can charge two devices simultaneously, or can be used to refuel your phone several times before it needs charging itself. 
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The packs are light and small enough to fit in a bag or coat pocket, and have a clear digital display on the front indicating how much power is left before they need charging up. I was surprised at how quickly my phone charged once it was plugged into the pack, and it was very useful for quickly giving my phone some juice when I was out and about – just stick it on charge and leave it in your bag for a bit until you really need it. 
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The only criticism I have of the device is that it takes a long time to charge when it has run out of power. It seemed to take almost twice as long to charge itself as it did to charge a phone. 
This is definitely the perfect gift for someone who is on the go a lot. Nobody wants to get caught out, and this device is a really handy safety measure to ensure that you’re always able to make calls and send emails.
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