Catalyst waterproof AirPod & Pixel Bud cases

This is one of those products that may not immediately make sense. After all, our Apple AirPods come in such a cute little case that snaps shut with a firm metallic zip, why would we need to put a case inside a case?

It’s a bit like the Harry Enfield Dragon’s Den spoof when the woman tries to sell the Dragons cushion cover cushion covers – to protect the cushion covers, right?

That initial thought slipped away quite quickly when we got hold of Catalyst waterproof AirPod & Pixel Bud cases (we went for the ‘Blue Ridge & Sunset’ colour combo, which you can play with at this website link here), which have become a permanent fixture and a welcome part of the Inspect-a-Gadget gadget family.

Slipping it on

Slipping the cover over our Apple AirPods (the Google Pixel Bud version is bigger and newer from Catalyst to the market) over the case is simple enough. There’s a slightly phallic connection involved with peeling back the ‘lips’ of the case to reveal your AirPods, but the cover comes up high enough (even though the top of the case is left exposed) to offer full waterproofing.

Coming in at around $24.99 at the time of writing, Catalyst itself is a premium lifestyle accessories brand founded by Josh Wright, an industrial designer graduate and June Lai, his research, development and business partner.

The waterproof and drop proof case is made from soft silicone to protect from scratches and scrapes. It also allows easy access to the charging port and comes with a detachable carabiner so it can be easily hooked it on to a belt, bag or purse.

The cases are waterproof to 3.3 ft (1m) and drop proof protection to 4ft (1.2m), it can be disinfected using 70% isopropyl alcohol, allowing users to maintain consistent hygiene practices for their electronic devices, keeping them free of germs and bacteria — something we’re all thinking about in the post-Covid-19 world.

The cases are sold exclusively on and on the web.

Yes, there is a good case for these cases.

Approved image use: Catalyst


Approved image use: Catalyst

Approved image use: Catalyst

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