British company announces combined PC and Guitar Amp

Well, wowsers, ladies and jellyspoons. This item combines my two favourite things: computery electronics and improbably loud guitar amplification.

Thumbnail image for a opc.jpg

The OC Computer Amplifier Speaker is a UK created and built hybrid of PC, guitar and speaker from Orange. No, not that Orange – Orange the guitar amp manufacturer. Amusingly, it means that you could soon be the proud owner of an Orange computer. That’ll confuse the Mac fanboys no end. 
Let us add though, the OPC looks like much more than a gimmick. Orange are a very well established – nay legendary – British company with a solid reputation for making high end gear. They’re up there with Marshall and Vox in the hearts and minds of guitar aficionados.
Meanwhile, computer makers have long struggled to create machines that do everything required by musicians. And of those specialised machines most have been targeted at keyboard players. The OPC is the first computer to have a direct port enabling you to plug in a guitar. And it ships with software for modelling vintage guitar and amp combinations, so you can sound like Clapton, Hendrix or Gilmour, whatever your axe.
Couple of glitches in what otherwise sounds like a splendid idea: first wattage. There’s been no indication how loud these babies go. Our guess is, not too loud. Unless it’s very heavily dampened, no mechanical hard drive could cope with the vibration generated by 500 watts of “Enter Sandman” millimetres from its outer casing. Second, how long does a PC last? Five years tops? Guitar amps, on the other hand, can be used for decades. In fact, some coveted models from the 1960s are still in studio use. Would that make the OPC a white elephant in years to come?
So – all in all – great idea. Very wantable. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out in practice come June, when pricing will be announced.