Boy attacked by snake, google mobile saves the day!

rex_817211dr.jpgI love The Metro. There was a story in this morning’s paper about a boy that was attacked by a gang armed with a snake.

The reason I’m blogging about this story is because it was mostly about the fact that the “Incident support officer googled ‘snakes’ on his mobile and showed pictures to the panicked boy” to identify which one bit him. He then sent the image to the control room.

It’s so funny that the OMG factor to the story is that he used Google on his phone and not that these crazy kids are using a ****ing snake to attack people!!

Am I mad? What the hell are these kids doing running around with a snake as a weapon? What next, tiger? A dinosaur?

I can imagine it now, the “Incident support officer googled youtube and found clips of the Jurrasic Park trilogy and asked the boy to identify which dinosaur bit him”.

Come on people let’s get over the fact our phones can go online. The iPhone has been out a while now, it shouldn’t make the papers anymore that we can access Google.

Let’s find these scary, psychotic kids and stop them using insane weapons to attack people.

Picture from Rex Features.

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