Asus flies in its CES showcase

On their way back from the CES show in Las Vegas, the Asus top brass popped into the UK today to show off the 2010 inventory of mouth-watering products and give us a chance to inspect a gadget or two at close quarters.

The shiny highlight was the NX90 laptop which combines Asus style with high end Bang & Olufsen sound quality. Next in line was the Eee PC Seashell 1008P with styling by New York designer Karim Rashid and the dual core 1005P with 14 hours of battery life. The overall message from company chairman Jonney Shih is that the company will continue to push ahead with sexing-up the design of its laptop but he assures us that this will not be at the cost of pushing the boundaries of the technical aspects, such as processor speeds and battery life.
What did not appear at CES was the Asus dual-screen e-Reader. According to the company, the hold up is puerely the organisational problem of finding suitable suppliers for the software and transport services. If any e-reader is going to be of benefit to the user, it has to have a source library that can offer a wide selection of books and documents and their has to be a means by which these materials can be downloaded.
By the sounds of it, Asus is aiming to provide a standalone unit that can connect to a telcom company’s  wireless network to allow the user to access the library from anywhere at anytime without the need for a laptop as an intermediary.
CES saw the launch of several readers which means that Asus will have to get its skates on to avoid being swamped by the competition. We look towards the CeBIT show in Hannover for further news.