A Decade of Gadgets 2: LCD versus plasma screens

Ten years ago an LCD monitor was an expensive luxury. Having an LCD or plasma television was the preserve of the sickeningly rich. From the turn of the century prices began to fall rapidly and screen sizes increased. By 2003, people were seriously considering 42in screens for their living rooms and computer monitors were becoming standardised on LCD technology.

The main decision was which technology to go for. LCD was marginally cheaper but plasma screens offered vibrant colour images. A rumour was widely spread that the gasses for plasma televisions would leak from their sealed cells within three years. This sowed the seeds of doubt and LCDs were seen as the better bet both in price and longevity.
I actually went for plasma in 2003. I’m still using the same Hitachi system today. The picture has no dropouts, the colour is still brilliant and it can handle HD. So much for expert opinion.